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Agwan Company for Contracting and Construction was established in 1994 under the name of Bin Salem, as it was previously known. Over the course of a successful career, the company expanded its operations into various fields and began undertaking contracting projects under the name Agwan by the year 2000 AD. This expansion was made possible, in part, by the supportive regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which encourage the growth and development of dedicated and ambitious entities.Our company prides itself on offering expertise through highly qualified professional teams. These teams are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients, consistently focusing on delivering excellence. 

Agwan Contracting

We prioritize meeting deadlines, maintaining quality standards, and adhering to cost considerations to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. We sincerely hope that Allah grants us success in fulfilling the desires of our valued clients.
Our company specializes in executing and managing various types of construction projects, such as industrial projects, hospitals, hotels, residential and educational buildings, infrastructure projects, and interior finishing and landscaping. We ensure high-quality results in all our endeavors. Moreover, we provide qualified expertise to support our clients during the early stages of the project, particularly during the engineering phase.

We collaborate closely with clients, starting from the preparation of the general layout of the project based on its purpose, and continue our involvement until we issue the complete IFC package, which includes drawings, the Bill of Quantities (BOQ), and specifications. Our management and coordination with stakeholders play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the project. Furthermore, we obtain the necessary approvals before commencing implementation.

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to construction projects and strive to deliver exceptional results by combining our expertise, attention to detail, and effective coordination with all stakeholders involved."
Since its inception, Agwan Co. LLC has aimed to become the most reputable company in the country by providing the best services to our clients. We also maintain a forward-looking perspective and strive for excellence. Therefore, our business model is built on core values that ensure fair, impartial, ethical, and appropriate interactions with society, fully complying with all applicable laws and regulations.






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